In Photo I, I put my development tank on a counter with other ones. For some reason that I can't remember I picked up what I though was my tank and opened. I was horrified when I looked in the tank and saw reels. I had accidentally picked up another student's tank which he had just finished loading.

In my own darkroom, one time I was pouring the developer out in the sink and the funnel of the daylight tank came off. The film fell into the sink with the lights on. It was really yellow. I quickly put it back in the tank secured the funnel and poured in the stop.

Then later after the first wash I felt wash water and it was really hot. The film had a weird coating on it, almost as if the gelatin had boiled but I continued on with it. Hypo clear, second wash and photo-flo.

Even after all of that the film came out fine.