Wow, suddenly I see light at the end of the tunnel. I actually have a 100 gram bottle of CD-4 that I purchased from Zone V in 1988. I also have a bottle full of Hydroxylamine Sulfate bought at the same time. Yes, it was the article written by Bertram Miller. I have an almost full collection of Creative Darkroom and Camera Techniques magazine, except maybe a few final issues. I was tempted to experiment back then but was not serious enough to achieve any result. I am not sure the old CD-4 is still good. Any idea the CD-4 can be kept for that long?

I have a Jobo ATL-2300. I guess this will be a fun project that I couldn't finish in 1988 and get to continue today. This will be useful info for those who have C-41 developer part C gone bad too. Thanks a lot, hrst, athiril, RPC, newcan1. This forum is so resourceful. I sure will report back any progress I make in the future. Thanks again.