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Lots of very interesting observations, thanks everyone. I guess for grain I already have the 1600 in the F3. And I do like grain sometimes. I've used HP5 and FP4 in 120 format where the grain in HP5 isn't an issue when enlarged pretty big. I think I need to try FP4 in 35mm and see how I get on with it. I'm usually trying to maximise depth of field, so the slow down in shutter speed may be an issue. I have thought about a move to a different t-grain 400 film but thought I'd mess around with what I know a little about first before a total change, and HP5 in XTOL is what I know best.
I guess the first question I'd ask you is what do you photograph? If you do street work, I think you'll have a hard time with FP4+. And if your preference is for open shadows, that will make it even more difficult since even in XTOL most people tend to downrate FP4+ a little. HP5+ will give you more flexibility in that kind of shooting. If the grain is objectionable to you, consider TMY-2. It is also very flexible, has excellent tonality, and is finer grained than FP4+. TMY-2 is a tabular grain film, but don't let that stop you. Tabular grained films can look just as "good" as the more traditional films (which are somewhat tabular grained anyway).

If you are doing landscapes or other types of photography in which the subject is static, I'd highly recommend you use a tripod. TRIPOD. Then you can use a slower film like FP4+. And as some others have already said, FP4+ is an absolutely wonderful film in every way. Probably my all time favourite film if I had to pick one. If you want finer grain than FP4+, you could also try the tabular grain films such as Delta 100, Acros or TMX. Alternatively you could just use TMY-2 for everything (it is as fine grained than Delta 100).