Bit of an old thread, but Google doesn't care.

I used Rapidry today for the first time. Bad experience.
After 5 min, my film was dry but crackled, as if it was dried in the oven. The surface was all bulged and it curled towards the emulsion side. I resisted the urge to rinse it again and waited a bit more. Half an hour later the film had straightened out and looked perfectly normal.
When I wanted to scan the negatives, I noticed these seemed to be a kind of greasy film on the non-emulsion side of the film. On top of that I found water spots (dry, but visible deposit) on both sides of the film.

The film seemed to scan perfectly and the water spots or grease have no visible impact. However, all of my negatives have streaks of very small black and white spots. They are not dust. The streaks might correspond to the area where I brushed the film (with an antistatic brush to remove dust). They might be the result from the grease I found on the film. Maybe this is a substance of Rapidry that has 'eaten' into the emulsion?

This negative is a good example (open the original 25Mpx version to see the black/white dots):