I can't quite believe I read this, but apparently it's true -- the Nikon Salon in Tokyo has censored an exhibition of photographs of the 'comfort women' victimized by the Imperial Japanese Army during WW2.

Details are in this story:

And I strongly urge all photographers to take 2 minutes and send an email to Nikon Japan, at this address, to register protest at this action:


I won't go into the disturbing tendency of Japanese society to ignore and whitewash its recent history...we can only imagine the outrage if Germany denied the Holocaust, for example. And yet, that's precisely what's going on in Japan today -- there are politicians (by no means the minority) who even deny the Nanjing Massacre, despite literally mountains of forensic, eyewitness and photographic evidence.

I'm just saddened and shocked that a global company like Nikon would capitulate to that sort of ugliness.