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How is a monorail "more versatile" than a field camera?

My 4x5 has over 400mm draw. It has more rise than the image circle of my 72mm can cover. It can focus said lens at infinity without a recessed board. It uses Sinar boards and bellows. As such, it can also use have a Sinar shutter system mounted on it. I have had a 3.5kg lens, iris diaphragm and Sinar shutter on it with no issue. And it packs down into a small backpack.

So, please state why this is less versatile than a monorail?
Can it use a 1000mm lens? Does it have identical movements on the front and back? Can it be converted to 5x7 & 8x10? Can it use a second tripod to help support that 1000mm lens? Did it cost you less than $300? Does the replacement $2 bubble level cost $42? Oh? Wait, I am just upset about that last bit there.