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I am in complete agreement - I find t-grain/delta too perfect, almost like someone took cling-wrap and put it over everything. It just looks wrong, just like those cartoon versions of HDR or doing 15 mph in a Porsche or older women with a too tight facelift.

I love my FP4 and if you really want to, you can push it to 200 without too much grain. I develop it in Rodinal to give a bit of bite for sharpness and the slow speed doesn't make it too grainy (HP5 in Rodinal is terribly grainy for me). That said, I use Tri-X for walking around, as it is more flexible when moving indoors. If a tripod is too much hassle, go with the monopod.
To each their own. I have shown people prints made with TMax400 and Tri-X400 side by side; experienced photographers and printers who can't spot a difference.