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I should add too that you can have both in a film like TMax 400 or Delta 400. TMax is finer grained than Delta, and has sharpness that exceeds FP4+ and grain that is equal to it. Delta 400 is about as sharp but has grain somewhere in between FP4 and HP5.

Both films are very nice alternatives to HP5 and/or FP4.
+1 on this. Both are great films, a little more touchy in processing but otherwise not difficult to handle. "Touchy in processing" has its advantages too - one reason TMY-2 is my standard in 4x5 is the ease of zone system expansion and, to a lesser extent, contraction. (Not that it won't work, I just don't like the effect on local contrast of contraction beyond N-1 and if I need more will either rely on printing manipulation, going to a two bath developer, or both rather than conventional N-2 or more.) If you can be reasonably careful you'll have no problems with either TMY-2 or Delta 400. I think they look fine.

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Ilford XPII
Another excellent choice, if you don't mind having someone do C41 or doing it yourself. Rate it anywhere from 50 to 400 with excellent results, 800 with pretty good results. Exposing more just makes it finer grained (and slightly flatter but that's easily bumped back up in printing.)

Someone mentioned pushing FP4+. I occasionally run it in Diafine at EI 200-250. One of the things I liked better about Plus-X was that it responded with more speed in Diafine, but it does still get a useful additional stop out or so out of FP4 (in practical terms, spare me the densitometery in this case.) Good for contrasty light, not so good for flat light regardless if it's dim enough to need the speed bump or not.

Better yet, just get a medium format camera. I'm at least half serious. Since I got my two medium format cameras I really only shoot 35mm in low light where I need a very fast lens AND fast film, and even that may decline once I get the 80mm 1/9 for my Mamiya. HP5+ will not show grain worth noticing in your 12x16 prints from a medium format negative, even a 645 one. Used equipment nowadays is pretty affordable.