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As best as I can understand sharpness is a function of both accutance and resolution. Resolution refers to the fineness of the transition of one detail or element to another. For example with white and black bars the resolution refers to how immediately the white transitions to the black. Accutance refers to the degree of contrast between elements or details of an image. I still am having a difficult time separating the two in tangible way. Sharpening of an image in photoshop simply increases accutance, but not resolution. Is this correct? I'm a little unclear on these concepts.

Help, anyone?
The three components of "sharpness" are resolution, contrast and accutance. Accutance refers to the degree of visibility of the edges of details. You are correct about the effect of the "sharpening" function in Photoshop et al.

There are some excellent observations about "sharpness" in the early parts of Ctein's "Post Exposure" which is now available on the web: http://ctein.com/booksmpl.htm