I do use medium format as well, an RB67. I have two types of photography. My 'serious' mode when I'm out on my own. In this case I take the RB67 and tripod and can take all the time I want. The other, more common, scenario is that I'm out with the family and have to fit in what I can get. This usually means no tripod or the children start moaning about how long I'm taking, hence the 'no tripod, camera shake, use HP5' situation! This is when I take the 35mm kit. I've tended to gravitate to printing at 7"x5" onto a 10"x8" paper, for which HP5 is fine, it's only now that I've started printing bigger that the grain is starting to creep in, but then so is the camera shake as well! Perhaps I just need steadier hands and then all the issues will disappear.