First Nikon invited the photographer not the other way around which already shows that Nikon was willing to deal with the japanese past, and while Nikon denies that the reason for cancelling were protest letters I am quiet sure that they were presurized to cancel the exhibition.

And while Germany and Austria deal with their NAZI past, we seem to constantly forget one group of victims. There was such a thing as forced prostitution in KZ they even had a sort of Brothels in several KZ. The women had a survival rate of near 0 % and were at first mostly women that were denounced as adulters. A crime that could and did land many women in concentration camps. The women were used in KZ Brothels and Officers Brothels. The reason they are still not considered victims of the third reich is because they supposedly volunteered for that job, which was proven as beeing a lie. For instance in Mauthausen the brothels is right at the entrance of the camp and no tour guide or anyone else will tell you what that building was. As soon as something has to do with forced sex or forced prostitution in the past, we seem not able to deal with it.