Just received my Lomographic Orca 110 film. The box clearly says "Made in China", so that answers one of my questions. Still not sure what it is. As brianmquinn points out, the times are an exact copy of that from the Massive Developing Chart for Orwo UN54. Even in the same order. Could it be some Chinese factory buys Orwo film, perforates it for 110, and loads it into 110 cassettes?
Also interesting is that both the box and the sticker on the cassette proudly says "1st Production Run". What is not included is an expiration date. Not that it matters to me as I keep all my film stock in the freezer so I don't care what the date is.
I put a cassette in my Minolta Weathermatic 110, and will be shooting it in the coming days. It will be interesting to see the results.