Now it seems that you have reached the "typical" point in Reversal RA-4.

As stated by Photo Engineer many times, portraits just do not look very good in this process.

It is difficult to get clean highlights, they always seem to end up cyan and/or yellow and you cannot correct them with filtration. This one seems to have both cyan and yellow cast in highlights.

OTOH, if you print a scenery, different color casts in areas of different brightness may not be bad thing at all, but cyan or green foreheads do not look very appealing.

You can try to do two things to try to clear highlights: (1) reduce the amount of bromide in FD, (2) add some sodium thiosulphate to FD.

If I get back to this process, I am planning to try three things: (1) softer (lower contrast) first developers (maybe including 2-bath developers), (2) using thiocyanate in FD, instead of / in addition to thiosulphate, (3) using SLIMT (latent image ferricyanide bleaching pre-FD).