Hello friends,

I am trying now to set up a colour printing in my lab. Well, I didn't do it by hands for some 10 years or even more, so I had a plenty of time to forget how should it work In the times I printed colour by myself I had an awful, very dim dark-brown Soviet safelight. Now I found a Durst Sanat in our lab - with a new lamp, working nicely. It's REALLY bright, so it makes me a bit puzzled about its safety I assume by the colour it gives and Na-vapour lamp that it was made for colour work? How far should it stand away from my workplace to avoid color paper fogging? Should I direct it light on the darkroom wall, or directly on the paper cutter etc.? Sorry if my question sounds a bit stupid, but in the times I printed colour by 6-bath process the water was just more moist

PS. BTW, the sensitization or regular panchromatic films, i. e. Ilford FP4, should not allow a visual inspection with the Sanat light? I recall that a very dark green filter should be used for that, so the filtered sodium-vapour light should give a fog, both direct and indirect lighting? That's not as if I needed a visual control over my development, I just want to see if I am right