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OK, I'm in - 25 again please.

Now, I wonder if I can buy some postcard stamps on ebay from the US? I wonder if Aust post will accept them..... Seriously, I really had to consider if I would do this. The postage is a bit of a killer for me, but meh, its all good.
I know what you mean Ash, in my case getting 28 or 29 OS postcards at AU$1.60 each for postage hits the beer money real hard. I had a thought about this. Maybe we antipdeans could send to one address in the US and then the person receiving could post all the cards for us and the post cost be reimbursed through some other means...

It makes sense to print a couple of cards and stick them into an envelope like a couple of fellow Commonwealth friends in North America do, their postage is a bit higher than ours presently given the exchange rate of about 1 for 1 today, but this gives better value for money on a card for card basis.