Greetings Fellow Postcarders!

I have been very slack acknowledging and commenting on the cards that I have gotten for this round (& probably the last round too), so here goes.

This has been a very good round both in content (Well, content is always good) and return rate. From 25 on my list, I have cards from 22, so that would have to be pretty good success rate!

WHo have I gotten?
Mark Rewald - Red Dancers Very interesting results. Image content and the paper chosen suits this very well.
KC2EDH (Ryan) - Strength Of Irene Damage and destruction like that is something I don't see often - Nice old feel to the photo as well.
Craig Cross - Canopy Very nice pattern. Looks a bit like around here when the sun is shining (we are in late autumn)
RST - Along River Rhine III From my travels, the Rhine was one of my favourite places. Not quite the memories I have, but love the results from the Pin hole. Also liked the paper.
A Vartabedian - Exposed Valve Spring My kind of subject matter. Getting in close works on this one.
Oxley Road - Maze Made by termites Dare I say it, love the contrast!
Black Dog - There is only the drama of the objects What? A colour postcard? I was a bit worried about my colour cards and felt a bit of relief to see this one in the box. Like the usage of repetition.
Derek - Lava Arch Very moody misty shot. Giving me some inspiration
Crispin - Ginger Flower Again, as others have said, something I have never seen. I like how you have fogged out the boarder. Works well on this card.
Trond - Bird Something that a beach walker sees often enough. Death, always a reality check
Mark Barendt - Monument Valley Has a nice smooth Feeling. Nearly feels like its about to rain there
George Nova Scotia - various images on expired paper Nice to see people using up those paper stocks. I have some from the early 70's - relatively new compared to some of yours! Suprised to see the Daylily printed up so well on such old paper
megzdad81 -Window Detail Whats not to like about peeling paint on window frames!
Bluejeh - Coffee Carafe Nice still life study. The second container has me intrigued.
DRPSILVER - Me, The Bean Nice perspective.
bluejeh2 - Merritt Ghost Town Not sure if it was intentional or not, but the dodging does give it a ghostly feeling. Nice work
delphine - Brighton Marina Classic scene, well shot. Would have loved to be there that morning
Joel Farris - Dew Tis a shame that there was a big skid mark from the postal system on mine, but thems the breaks. Love the use of DOF
mooseontheloose - Paro Festival Dancer #1 Excellent action and reportage
MattKing - Boathouses Another one that was skid marked by the mail machine. Really like the ripples in the water
Rob Skeoch - Old Haunted House Another appealing old rustic scene. SO the ghost drinks coke?
Mike Wilde - 3 Various pictures Nice variety. Really liked the feeling of the double exposure. A very happy mistake I am sure!

Well, like I said, an awesome round.