I am not familiar with the Vivitar model, but can offer some general pointers: First I would check the interior of the camera closely for any pins that are pressed down when a cartridge is inserted (besides the sprocket pin). If the camera appears to fire and advance properly with no cartridge (even while the sprocket pin is depressed with your thumb), the trick is often to file down whatever part of the cartridge depresses the extra pin, so as to fool the camera to think it is empty. On many common Kodak Ektralite 10 models, for example, the pin is depressed by the feed side of the cartridge, thus you would need to file down the cartridge as illustrated here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9645031@N07/7262261286/ On the Minolta SLR, the only notch required is a small one on the ridge under the frame area of the cartridge. On the Pentax auto 110's, no notch at all is required. So, you see it varies by camera model. And, yes, it is possible that there is no additional pin at all besides the main sprocket pin and/or the ASA speed detection pin on the right side, which may make the use of non-perf film nearly impossible. Only a close examination of your camera and some experimentation can determine that for sure. Good luck.