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I don't take it as elitist at all. I understand it as simply meaning to be more selective with our picture-taking.
Agree. It might be better understood perhaps as paring down.

If we can't even draw a dog lying on the lawn, maybe the tendency when picking up a camera is to overcompensate with complex and confusing images. The ultimate of course would be to concentrate on the chaos and vast description of the wider landscape. It comes back to the subtraction of photography and additive nature of painting/drawing, in which case the most successful and memorable photographs might be the most minimal and I tend to agree. Minimal shouldn't be read as the extreme of Callahan's white reeds on black water, but having a few key elements, which might well be complex in texture and form. When we do this we are relying on the descriptive strength of the camera, and the the expression of the photographer, in the strongest possible way.