I have gotten back some prints and negs in the last several months that really frustrate me. I do not have a scanner, and so I will do my best to describe what I see. With my Nikon FE, which appears to be in very nice shape, on two frames on the roll, I get what looks like an overexposed discoloration on the left side of the print and neg, toward the bottom. I sent out the camera for an overhaul, and, after getting it back, I saw the same thing after shooting a few rolls. The receipt indicated a fix for a "light leak." Since I am just beyond the six month warranty on the overhaul, I have just put the camera aside.

I see a similar thing with a Minolta X-570 I own. On the prints and negs on three shots on the roll, there is some type of discoloration or "burn" on the left side. I checked both cameras, and the seals look fine (and on the FE they were replaced during the overhaul). This is very frustrating. If I make a mistake in a shot, I can live with that, but when the camera fails on a shot in which I know I did nothing wrong, it is very disappointing.

With regard to flare and glare, I gather this would normally apply to effects from the rays of the sun that may show up when shooting into the sun. I searched around, and saw a few examples of this, but they do not seem to match what I see in the prints and negs I have mentioned here. Thus, I am puzzled. Could a light leak be intermittent? This would not seem to make sense. Am I seeing some type of glare or flare? The shots were not directly into the sun, but were in that direction (into the bright southern sky). I do not think I have noticed this issue on indoor shots. With my outdoor shots, I always use a hood (in nearly all cases, the corresponding hood for the lens).

I welcome your comments on this.