That guy had a ton of Kodak Plus X expired in 2006 @ $4 (120) so I grabed a bunch. Lots of color film that I didn't look at. I grabed a bay 3 filter for my Rollei plus two big camera bags with $10 a piece that cost about $200 new; I managed to find couple that have very little damage (most of them are cut - probably seized goods - who cares). Then I've met Mike and David White at their table. I was glad to see David in good spirits talking about a new project he is working on, building a LF camera I think actuallu bigger than 8 x 10. I told him you said hi and wished him best of health. Funny enough after the show my wife sent me across town in Scarborough to get a walker show bought off Craigslist so on my way back I passed by the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant that was open for public because of the Open Door event so I stepped in and took some pictures. Pretty good day. no complaints .
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