I love reading all kinds of books and photographic books are wonderful. I remember finishing a book, realizing that I had gotten one good photographic tip out of it and thinking that it was worth reading the whole book just for that one tip. I don't mind people asking questions when they can't find the answer or don't know where to look; I mind when they say "I know this is probably been answered but I am too lazy to search...", especially when the question has been answered multiple times before (might even have a sticky on this forum). To not even try to research (especially with the ease of Google), I have no time to answer those questions. It is no different that people walking into a store and asking for the $5000 camera, because their friend has one and it takes beautiful pictures and they want beautiful pictures; it completely degrades the decades of experience and effort people put into their efforts. You don't want to spend the time entering a Google search or the trouble of using the public library, I don't need to spend my time providing a response.

I also recommend "The Art of Photography" by Bruce Barnbaum and "The Tao of Photography" by Gross & Shapiro. Less specific on technical aspects but more on the philosophy behind good photographs and visualizing prints.