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Both the Holga Wide Angle and Telephoto lenses simply fit over the existing lens, on the regular and TLR Holga models.

The Holga Fisheye lens comes in two different versions, one each for the 120 and 135 cameras, there is also a glass fisheye lens for the 120.

Since the lenses on the 135 Panoramic are removable, I'm not sure the above lenses would work with it, but if the diameter of the lens is the same as those used on the regular/TLR models, then they might work.

They do have Close-Up and Macro lens adapter sets, both of which require the focusing ring to be set to infinity when using either.

I'm curious to know how many panoramic photos can be obtained from a roll of film (12/24/36 exp.) using the 135 Pan.
A good rule of thumb is to half the number of exposures. I think my xpan gets like 17 shots on a 36 exp. about the same on my noblex.