Every Hasselblad lens (at least the CF and CB lenses) I've ever seen look the same. I've also seen quite a few threads on other websites by people who just bought a Hasselblad and wondered the same thing as well. I don't believe I saw any posts that said their lens wasn't the same. Of course, the previous poster said his/her lens doesn't look like that, so maybe they changed the shutter on the CFE lenses (which should be the exact same as the CF and CB though...I believe all Hasselblads have Prontor shutters... or is it Compur?... I forget...).

However, you say that three leaves are bent, but my 80CB only has two bent leaves, and no slightly bent ones.

Also, Hasselblad lenses are the only ones that I've seen with the bent leaves; none of my large format lenses have bent shutter leaves.