you can get what is called a "press book" its a bound portfolio that you can slide your images
AND your text into. there are pages with dividers, so you can slide the images in, have the next to it.
the dividers are black paper, so you can mount ( double stick tape ) your text in the middle of each black page.

you might also consider going to your neighborhood kinkos copy shop and having them do a little magic for you.
arrange the images so it IS a book. you will have to format it before you go so the images flow and the correct
text is next to the correct image ...
have the kinkos people scan them onto large sheets, enlarge the text pages by x% so everything is 11x14,
then they will fold and bind the presentation with a saddle stitch or hard binding.
you can submit the prints separately if you feel the copies don't do justice to the image quality
( be warned though, color copies can make b/w look very nice ).

if you don't want to deal with copies, formatting &c ... the press books can be found at amazon for not too much $$$
just search "11x14 pressbook" and you will find them.

have fun !