Home renovations have side tracked me for the last littel bit, and boy have some nice images stacked up for me to comment on.

Andrew Vartabedian – Valve Spring – A lovely low key image, with no one obvious ‘right way’ up. The framing of objects within the image works well. Nothing intrudes where it ‘shoudn’t’. The offset image in the paper this time works for me. It makes me reminiscent of the old shape of Polaroid pack film frames.

Black Dog- Wow shadow abstraction – A neat high key range of barely suggested tonalities. I could have done with symmetry with the margins. I don’t get why the image is crammed with a wide margin at one end.

Craig Cross –Leaves Pattern . I quite like the high contrast treatment you have given this image. I also like the broad margins or white that you have left around the image. I usually print bled, or close to it. I am going to have to start to reconsider my technique.

Derek Lofgren
- Lava Arch- An image well suited to a glossy finish to get the blacks as deep as they can in a print. The diagonal line of mist is quite arresting, and the darker pile of it gloaming under the arch nice as well. The shadows disappear to texture less backless. I can understand in a mass produced print how you may not want to have held these areas back to keep tone in them, but in a final print for display a bit of work there might yield better results, as would hunting down the lint that seems to have settled onto the negative for the print that I have.

KC2EDH – Irene Bridge washout – The leading lines of the twisted tracks are interesting. The image needs some kind of differerent contrast in the print though, to have any real snap. While I am not a full Ansel disciple, I do like a good smattering of mostly white, and mostly black somewhere in the frame. Your print is all mid-tone greys, and it suffers from this. A higher grade of paper might have been experimented with.

Mark Rewald – Adam’s Mark Ballerina Abstraction. I quite like the image. I had never heard of red scaled as an exposure technique, and I think the results with this image are most striking. The receding skewed tower, the hint of orange clouds in the red sky, wow, so much to take in.

Oxleyroad – Maze by termites- A neat close up. Makes me wish I slowed down to look around more carefully more often. The inclusion of the coin/bottle top in the margin of the frame works well to allow your brain to discern a scale to what you are looking at. Nice sharp mid tone contrast for all by the closest areas in the frame, which I know is hard to pul off with macro work. .

– Along River Rhine IV- I like the matt finish of this print, depicting an overcast day at a bench on the river. Good breaking the rules with the composition, placing the horizon mid frame. Pinhole explains the ethereal quality to the tree branch and its’ leaves. There is nothing arresting to me in any one element, but as a whole the image contents integrate quite well to yield a pleasing frame.