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While unloading the trunk of the car my N80 (in camera bag) hit the cement driveway! It now doesn't work. The LCD screen is garbled when I turn it on and nothing happens. The worst of it is, the roll of film from Graceland is still in it! Does anyone know if you can extract the film mechanically? Thanx.

Too bad!

Some years ago my Nikkormat slipped out own my hand while I was crawling up a ladder to get a shot of a bunch of guys gatheried down there on the concrete floor - I tried to grap it but hit it instead, so the tempo accelerated and it hit the floor with a horrifying sound. I was 100% sure that the camera was crushed to pieces - BIG surprise when I picked it up - everything worked! I just had to wind the film. The shot the camera took all by itself showed a part of the floor and a few of the legs of the guys in the room.

Another story:

Once I saw a guy throw his Nikon F with tremendeous force to the ground - he picked it up again - looked through the viewfinder and said: ' Oh, now that damned meter works again!*