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Just received my Lomographic Orca 110 film. Could it be some Chinese factory buys Orwo film, perforates it for 110, and loads it into 110 cassettes?
Perhaps they have made a deal to get some film in 16mm Unperforated. The standard 16mm movie perfs would not work will with the 110 format. I would imagine that the folks at lomography having designed a bunch of quirky cameras may have not trouble paying a Chinese factory to tool up to convert film into 100 format including making cassette tooling and deigning a machine ot do the pre-exposure of the frame markings.

I am sure that some in the group would love to see pictures of the film, the backing paper (if any) and the cassette when you get a chance to develop it. This is actually a good news item for any of us who despair of using things like a Pentax 110. I have a bunch of Fuji color 200 in the freezer but would probably have to mail it to the states to get it processed if I shoot any.

Now if they were to load some with HP5 or 400TX or Foma action 400...I might get into action.

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Also interesting is that both the box and the sticker on the cassette proudly says "1st Production Run".
OH, the very collectible "first production run" that should be worth extra some day.