Hello to all my new found friends,

My name is Alex from Minnesota (currently living in Chicago). I have recently been bitten by the Film Bug Thanks to Peter Bromaghin - My future Father in Law.
Currently I'm using a Cannon EOS K2. Very nice and user friendly. The camera truly does feel like it's apart of you. Haven't reached the expertise of manual settings just yet. Still going through all the terms, jotting down definitions like a vocabulary study guide.

I'm also brushing off the dust of a 87' Yashica 200-AF (loud AF motor) that was my grandfathers. I love the sharp corners and solid frame, just like cars - 80's design.

Snapped through a roll of TMax400 (B&W) and ready to develop the badboy. I processed my very first roll with Peter when visiting in Denver. Soon to acquire a Tank and Bag from a very generous and selfless fella I was introduced to by Peter. Next step is to get my Chemicals in order.
Developer - Stop - Fixer - Wash.
Any insight on what I should use for my Rookie years? I was going to stick with the Kodak line.

As i get used to the layout and thread of this site, please guide me with your knowledge.

Kup Jai (Thank you) !!!