Welcome to film! Chemistry wise, use whatever your father in law uses . I mean it seriously, as what you get from using what a family mbr uses is the ability to talk on the phone or at family parties talk at great length on how to improve your skills. Using the same chems can help. If he uses something maybe a bit too obscure for your tastes, there is nothing wrong with Xtol or HC110. I am a Xtol fan, I mix up 5 liters, bottle it and it lasts me 4-6 months. But honestly almost all developers will work great, there is little major differences in all of them, pick a type and work it for a while, jumping around developers is a quick way to lose sight of what you wish to accomplish (which for many is consistency)

I sure hope you have some good literature, if not Henry Horenstein's, Black and White a Basic Manual, can be bought used on Amazon for less than a latte.

Welcome to film!