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Wow. That's a beautiful space, very zen.

You have the Irving Penn portrait of Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn on the wall there for inspiration. I flew up to DC in 2005 to see the exhibit of Irving Penn's Platinum prints and it was one of the greatest art experiences of my life. There will never be another like Irving, but we can try. His book "Passage" is the most beloved in my photo library.
Hi Parker

I try and keep it as tidy as possible as it helps me concentrate when doing large prints. Yes i have that picture of Lisa there for inspiration; it is one of my favourite images by Penn. I have tried to view as many original Platinum/Palladium Penn prints as possible, i would have loved to have seen the Exhibition at the National Gallery, it must have been really quite special. I believe they have the largest collection of Penn prints, i must try and visit them at some stage. I have 'Passage' its definitely one of best collections of his work, reproduction is good too.

Am sure you must have bought the book ‘Platinum Prints’ that accompanied the exhibition, its one of my most read books, the essay by Sarah Greenough is very insightful. The books pretty expensive now if you can find it. The reproduction is good however its obviously never going to be as good as the viewing the originals, I compared the reproductions in the book to the original on my blog here :