Never been to Naples, Italy.

I was stationed 3 yrs in the panhandle of Florida, USA.
Hot, humid, sticky, Gulf Coast, Florida. Humidity hardly ever less then 85%.

Don't go with sealed plastic bags. That would be a 'petri-dish' growth chamber.

Daylight/sunlight is your friend here, along with circulation.
Fungus has a difficult time growing/forming when lenses are in daylight, w/caps off.

I used clear glass root beer/beer stein type mugs and wide mouth glass pickle jars (laying on their sides),
with scrap patches of tee-shirt rubber banded over the end to keep bugs/dust out.
Frugal, not cheap...emphasize, poor GI.

Made my own desiccant packs from emptied unused teabags, using bulk desiccant
crystals from work. These were color coded crystals; blue when dry - pink when damp.
We dried/refreshed the crystals back-to-blue, in basically a metal bread-box w/100 watt light bulb inside.
It takes a few days, but works great.

The key to desiccant packs...they must be changed/refreshed regularly.

Same goes for diapers and politicians, too!