Welcome Alex from your new friend, Umut from Istanbul.

Canon cameras are ergonomically excellent and Yashica also. Its too easy to fall in love fast autofocus , lightweight , low noise , everything automatic Canon camera. But to make good composition requires another 5 seconds invested in making. Manual cameras gives that time frame and I believe your Yashica would give that edge. In my belief , smaller viewfinders are giving better photography. But some hates small viewfinders also. Tmax is an excellent film and any developer gives you great results.
But as every car carries you from one point to other , investing in quality of equipment and chemicals doesnt make you a loser. Find some books from Ansel Adams from your local library and have a look to whats being said. When you see the quality , you will want to reach it and questions will carry you higher. Invest in this forum and book , catalogs. Look Bostick Sullivan Company website at Santa Fe.
When you see the alternative processes and the results , fun will begin.

Have a good time here Alex ,