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Do you think the Croy book is worthwhile? I see he wrote other books an "Camera Trickery," etc., and that doesn't sound like something the author I'm looking for would be writing. But, it's cheap enough for me to order a copy if you think its worth having.
Sorry I have been away.
I am sure ther will be a run on White's book now.
Croy's book has, in the middle of this book, 70 pages on the subject which includes exactly the things you ask about, with a list of defects of each body part and how to idealize or how to emphasize. But what to do with a balding man and protruding eyes for which he has opposite advice?
There are also pictures by many well known, in the 1950's, photographers including 2 of Karsh's and Andre De Diennes early photo's of Marilyn Monroe, 1945 and 1950.