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Maybe I should say that I mostly take pictures of people...thats why I mentioned Doisneau. I think that visualising a landscape for example is easier, because you can take your time and 'draw the picture in your mind'.
But when you run around on the streets for example...well, I try my best, but most shots will not be good....
I am for the most part a street photographer and I feel to compare the fine art photographer or those who use LF cameras to the street shooter is like comparing apples and oranges.
I don't have time to take meter readings and then study the result and make futher adjustments for tone and light and another pre-visualising pause before make the photograph. I do a pre-visualising pause of about a half second to consider if anything is in the viewfinder worth paying one frame of film for. I'm always watching the action on the street, I'm always ready, I'm always willing to take a chance.
That's what makes street photography exciting. All the things that fine art and LF photographers do is what makes life exciting for them as well.