I agree about William Jolly , all my work has been to his notes.
I solarize both print and negative. PE welcome to jump in here and state what we do is not solarization.

Metol, sodium sulfite, sodium carbonate, sodium bromide for the first dev
Potassium Bromide flood for the second developer if you want a more funkier toning solution.

I flash half way between the development two minutes in first -- put print in second dev-- flash-- process out as normal , stop fix wash exactly as normal
I have a permanent flashing unit hooked to a timer which gives more or less power with a stop system.. the flash is set at a distance to be able to easily flash 30 x40 prints.
I adjust the power based on the size of the prints.

I also use this same system now for my 8x10 negatives , I do two at a time and flash half way between the developer. for film I do not use a Potassium Bromide charge.
Also slight under exposure of the original scene works well. The camera image is recent and is a negative solarization, I am using an 100yr old studio 8x10 camera with hot lights and for table top work have a f22 four steamboat exposure.

This is really one of the most enjoyable processes I have ever done and it is my long term goal to keep making these kinds of prints for show work.
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I have an image I'd like to solarize.

Is the process in general, process the print as normal and during the development phase, toward the end, BRIEFLY flash it with light? I really didn't find much on this process. If anyone has a better instructions or link to it, I'd appreciate sharing.