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My choice for fully manual may be controversial but I like my FED-2. Affordable and once you get it aligned right a sturdy camera.
I second McFortner's vote for the Soviet-era FED-2. I cannot imagine ever parting with mine; it's that good. And it gets a 10/10 in the looks department as well! Mine was about $60; freshly CLA'd, in absolutely pristine condition inside and out, with warranty, from Landrey at Synoptics Camera Shop in Kiev. I added a $15 "Gordy" wrist strap.

So, a very inexpensive half-century old camera that is capable of outstanding photographs with its sharp Industar 26 lens. And if it still isn't quite cool enough for you, just add the KMZ turret viewfinder to the accessory shoe. The ultimate in cool; a camera that looks like a gatling gun!

Focus On Newfoundland

1960 FED-2(D6) rangefinder

1960 FED-2(D6) rangefinder with KMZ turret viewfinder