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A good rule of thumb is to half the number of exposures. I think my xpan gets like 17 shots on a 36 exp. about the same on my noblex.
I'll find out when the camera arrives.

I e-mailed a local lab that processes 120 film via mail order and asked if they also process films taken in the Holga 120 and/or 135 panoramic models. They replied that they could only process the film, but not scan or print them because their scanner only handles negatives up to 7 cm wide. 7 cm is just a little over 2 3/4 inches.

It would sound like the size of the panoramic negatives are quite larger than this?

I Googled "panoramic film processing" and found thedarkroom.com out in San Clemente, California, so I might give them a try.