hi taka

i have never seen that article before just now, wow, who knew it was as involved as it is !

whenever i solarize things ( i don't do it very much ) i just use spent developer so you can control
the process a bit more than more active fresh developer. ( its like processing a paper negative ) ...
i don't have any examples of what i did but it involved developing about until the print started to come out
then squeegeeing off some of the developer, putting it back under the enlargeer ( red filter is great for aligning it )
and burning in the areas i wanted solarized ...
then back in the developer, the spent bath and if it needed a boost into regular developer and a water bath
to slow it down a little ..
i used to do this sometimes for "hot" areas that just would never burn down, no matter what i did .. this worked pretty well ..
not really as involved as others , but fun just the same

just experiment a little and take notes

have fun !