What venue are you shooting in Ottawa? I've done a lot of music shooting in that city (and others) and generally have tri-x pushed to 1600 and shoot about 1/8-1/60 and f2.0-4. Those settings depend on the colour of the light that is used, intensity, movement. I kinda fly by the hip and really only meter once at the beginning of the set so I know what to play around with. I have not time to fiddle with a light meter every time the light changes colour or intensity.

With classical music, unlike rock, you can get away with slower shutter speeds (obviously), but you might have a preference for certain effects. For example, maybe you want a shot without shadow detail and just want the effect of the light hitting a couple spots on the musician. In that case you can pump up your shutter quite a bit. Or maybe you want movement to be exaggerated by lowering the shutter speed. I often go for a mix bag depending on the lighting and the moment.