Well I drove up to Auckland and had the whole lot looked at by an expert. So here's the good news, everything looks like it can be dealt with and the cost to do the work is considerably lower than I anticipated.

The bad news is I'm now talking myself in to keeping various bits and pieces and renaging on my initial promise to sell the majority of the items.......

My initial plan was keep the Version 1 Summicron and just let the rest go and get my money back. I'm now thinking along the lines of keeping these items also -

  • 35mm New Style Silver Brightline Finder
  • 90mm Elmarit f/2.8 (221****) - The 90 Elmarit is I believe an early version and from what I have read quite prone to flare, my current 90mm lens is the VC Apo Lanthar f/3.5. I wonder how these compare??
  • Leitz 12575N Hood
  • 135mm Elmar f/4 (208****) - 135mm is a focal length I rarely shoot, currently I have the Hektor f/4.5, I've read the Elmar is optically superior, worth keeping???
  • M5 - I spent some time today cleaning this up, cosmetically it's in incredible shape with the exception of the issues I mentioned (Crakced Viewfinder Glass, Light Meter not responsive, Shutter Speeds, only the speeds below 1/30 appear too slow I would say and of course there is the fungus on the curtain) In all honesty I have never been a fan of the M5 in the appearance stakes but it is growing on me and its great in the hand......

Almost every time I look at this gear it surprises me, what I described initially as a "Brown Leather Camera Bag" is in actual fact a Vintage Hasselblad Pig Skin Bag and quite beautiful......

Any pearls of wisdom greatly appreciated!!