I'd have them all serviced if they clean up their value >>$, should recover service $

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90mm Elmarit f/2.8 (221****) - The 90 Elmarit is I believe an early version and from what I have read quite prone to flare, my current 90mm lens is the VC Apo Lanthar f/3.5. I wonder how these compare??
sell the Elmarit, the refractive index of glass in apo is much higher, = better off axis, unless you like single coated lens performance(SC), =lowercontrast pastel colours.
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135mm Elmar f/4 (208****) - 135mm is a focal length I rarely shoot, currently I have the Hektor f/4.5, I've read the Elmar is optically superior, worth keeping???
yes keep Elmar but you wont get much for the Hector, even if mint, I'd sell both if not using 135mm.

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M5 - I spent some time today cleaning this up, cosmetically it's in incredible shape with the exception of the issues I mentioned (Crakced Viewfinder Glass, Light Meter not responsive, Shutter Speeds, only the speeds below 1/30 appear too slow I would say and of course there is the fungus on the curtain) In all honesty I have never been a fan of the M5 in the appearance stakes but it is growing on me and its great in the hand......
close eyes sell M5 it has cult >>$ status

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Almost every time I look at this gear it surprises me, what I described initially as a "Brown Leather Camera Bag" is in actual fact a Vintage Hasselblad Pig Skin Bag and quite beautiful......
if it has bad mildew id burn, or threat with leaher oil/wax and sell... you dont need fungus or mildew...