Dear All,

Strangely enough I do get just a little help........from 240 dedicated and highly capable people across so many disciplines and skill sets, the vast majority of which have many, many years of loyal service. They used to say if you stayed a month at ILFORD you stayed for life. But it always helps when you love what you do, I think apart from the fact its photographic and fundamentally creative and that the people who use our products hopefully get great enjoyment from them WE ACTUALLY MAKE THINGS.....raw materials come in one end and finished products go out the other and then we export 90% of them around the world.

Making things matter, inventing things matter, quality matters, analog photography matters, silver prints matter, creativity matters, skill and craft matter, art and photography matter not just its past, but its present and its future, and thats really about creative people who wish to record our world as they see it...... pure and simple.....and the most important thing from a business perspective
is really very simple you are all our customers, and that actually matters most of all, whether you spend $ 10 or $ 10,000 a win a customer can take a lifetime, but a lifetime customer you can lose in a second.....

Now I am off my hobby horse.... to the the question, store monochrome paper ( whoever made it ) in a dark, cool and dry area and it should be absolutely fine for a minimum of 5 years with no appreciable loss of quality. When you finish using paper in the darkroom, wrap it back in the polybag, make sure the poly bag is folded over and secure the lid with a piece of tape.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :