Well here's a (sort of) bargain if you want one. I'm giving away a Kodak Printank (remember those?). I bought it in 1974 and used it twice. It's boxed with original instructions. I believe these can be modified for processing sheet film and each process step requires on 40 ml of chemistry. Either collect in person or pay the postage (4.90 - UK only) and it's yours. It's in excellent condition and, apart from one or two chemical stains on the outside, very, very clean. It doesn't leak (I've tested it) and there are no strings attached. It was posted on Ebay but no takers - so f**k 'em! PM me if you're interested. Dear Mr. and Mrs. (or Ms) Mod. I did think about putting this on the FREE STUFF thread, but this is a UK give away only and I didn't want to upset my international brothers and sisters by stipulating UK only! Regards, B.