I was hoping to avoid these problems on a trip to Italy and Croatia that I am leaving for tomorrow. I thought I would save all the hassles and send my 4x5 and 120 film ahead to my first hotel. When I was done patting myself on the back for being so smart and organized I packed up the film, along with empty film holders, took them to the post office and paid the $70.00 dollars to have them shipped. So.... two days ago I emailed the hotel to make sure they had arrived and a very cheerful and helpful hotel owner told me that , yes, they had. He also told me that to save me from being inconvenienced, he went ahead and paid the 115 Euros tax.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will try and straighten this out with the post office when I get there but I'm not holding out much hope. Yeah, I think I'll just deal with the TSA from now on.