Tori, you might be able to get a refund on that tax when you leave the Italy or Croatia. The worry I have with shipping ahead of time is how do I know it wasn't x-rayed along the way with a bunch of other cargo? I'd rather deal with the TSA in person to know where my film has been, and as others have said, it's all in one big plastic bag, out of the boxes. The only problem I ever had was with one particularly clumsy (and dare I say, dumb) agent who dropped one roll into a small trash can. She retrieved it, then swabbed it, and all these bells and whistles went off. Then I had to submit to this whole body feel up (had already been scanned), and everything I had, purse, camera gear, everything had to be swabbed. Another agent insisted I must have gotten some tiny amount of cream or makeup on the roll of film... that can sometimes set these things off... and I'm like, riiight... it had nothing to do with falling in that trash can?? Idiots.