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I had a false positive once when my Nikon 35mm was scanned. I did not get felt up but did get ID/ticket verified and EVERYTHING in my camera bag swabbed. The TSA supervisor asked questions about where the gear had been but never made any accusations or assertions about anything. They offered no explanation for why the event happened other than "these things sometime happen". The TSA handled my camera gear very carefully and asked when they weren't sure. They insisted on re-packing my bag and did so EXACTLY in accrordance with my direction. The total delay for all of this was 15 minutes. I found the event to be a very minor inconvenience, at most.
Last year we did a Melb, Aus/SF (via NZ)/LV/NY/Orlando/Hawaii trip and I asked for hand inspections at all security points except leaving Aus (I forgot to and in-transit through NZ didn't have the option so it had to go through the scanner) and all were fine & professional (guy at NY even knew what a Mamiya was.. he's had one years ago!) except at Oahu when leaving for home. After asking for a hand inspection of my film (& one film back that still had film in it) both my wife and I were selected to go through the full body scanner. Our 2 boys (9 & 12 at the time) were left to stand in the queue to pick up their carry-on's by themselves. Ours were just left on the pickup area (which included our passports/wallets/computer and cameras. I think the boys grabbed them and ferried them to the exit of the body scanner area, not sure cause the 'lady' doing the hand inspection was waving to come over to her. She wanted to put the film back through the scanner but I explained it had film in it so she called decided the machine had detected something and called security over to frisk me (and put my shoes that had already been through the scanner back through again). This had to be done a little way away so while that was happening, I watched her give the film back to another guy who took it and put it through the x-ray scanner. She then insisted on swabbing the camera (that had been through the scanner with my digi equipment, but didn't swob any of the digi-gear) and plonked it down hard on the winding handle. Surprising it didn't break. So after she'd finished swabbing the film she dropped the lot on the bench and walked away. Grumpy peice of work that one! The funniest bit of this whole story was when we went though in-transist security in NZ again, they picked up a large bottle (bigger than the 100ml of fluids they allow) of sunscreen we had forgotten about... Oahu had missed it