Thanks for your help i do appreciate your time,

photo 2 the white was i guess unwashed developer after it sat for awhile in water i messed with it and was able to whip it off. most it left a small stain so maybe i did wash all the developer off before going into the fixer. Maybe i am missing a step here I was thinking like paper that i am just dipping to stop the developing then to the fixer. maybe i really need to make certain I am washing off the developer. I am not exactly sure.

When you say back grounds you mean the reflections? these are not glass but aluminum plates from Bostick.

I not I have one other issue in there i need to filter my silver bath. I have been leaving the silver bath in the tank is that ok or should store in in the bottle each time. It kind of hit me today that it could be evaporating being that it is exposed to more air? I know the plates look bad they actually in some ways look better after i photographed with with my iPhone at least the contrast does. I think in part what your seeing might be my pouring both collodion and the developer. sometimes i am not getting enough collodion in the plate and have to add more so it looks uneven. also with the developer i added a new light my dark room was super dark so i could not see at all. It was fine for paper but for this it was just way to light.

I ll try and shoot tomorrow if I can. I am going to fix my slide its kind of stiff once is gets wet so its hard to put out. I think again that streak was un washed developer. I see a kind of brownish grime in the developer tray. After I pour off the developer there is this light brown grime in the streaked photo i think that is was it is?

for what its worth in person the image look at lot better than what I started doing so there is some improvement. I am going to pick up some black glass and try that. I like the contrast better. for some reason the clear glass was just not showing well. the image was too light to be usable.