I use two developers for more toning effects.. As stated in one of my earlier posts the second developer is the same as the first.
But it is charged with additional Potassium Bromide . By doing this I find that when I duo tone or tri tone I get more colours.

For negatives I use the single developer but for print my second developer has an addition of 450 grams of Potassium Bromide.

Yes , put in the second developer then flash.. takes about 5 seconds.. You can keep in one tray and you will get nice results... just think of it like South Carolina ribs vs Texas ribs... just a different way to get something nice.

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I am a bit confused....

All articles talk about the first developer and the second developer. Are these the same developer with Metol? (I think they are?)

Also, is it that develop in first dev, put it in the second dev, FLASH? Then why two trays? Can I not just keep it in the same solution, bring it up to the surface and FLASH half way through the process?