I fixed or invented the necessarity of fix the 3 volt lithium cell which is 15 years old in Polaroid 350. Now the shutter makes two sound together , one mechanical jump of the finger arm and the working sound of electric shutter. I amazed with the finding of this and finally dusty polaroid works as it is made for.
One Apuger sent me two fuji empty instant film film case and now its time to find soviet cheap forte paper ,cut it , use as a paper negative , take an another paper , put the cut paper negative in middle of the other paper and make a contact print.
Wow I am an ultra small large format photographer !
In 15 years starting one age before demise of Polaroid , I only used two packages of instant film and amazed with the results. I dont know why but I suspect the emulsion , it was recording the sandstone walls of rich old Ottoman Banks , better than I see.
Film is an amazing thing and when you see these findings , I really feel overjoy.
By the way , I am seeing people butchers these cameras and its a shame.