I am happy to call my prints Sabattier , though much harder to roll off the tonque than solarization.

Is Potassium Bromide not a restrainer and as such the clumping of the grains in the second developer different than those of the first non Pot Bromide developer, which causes a different tone in each chemical toning bath I use??

I have noticed almost four or more distinct tones beyond the basic print colour when doing this.

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The form of the developed silver image is changed by a number of things, and these changes impart changes in tone. Therefore, you can use 2 developers to get a toned effect in either the first or second image.

As for leaving the conversation, I will be happy to do so if my use of Sabattier is distracting even though accurate. I don't wish to subtract from anything especially your most excellent photos using the Sabattier effect as shown above.